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Suckers are powerful enemy flies who can be found from The Basement up to Sheol. They can be spawned by the bosses C.H.A.D. and Monstro II, as well as a Champion version of Duke of Flies.

Sucker will slowly float towards the player, dealing 1/2 heart of contact damage. It has similar health to Gapers and Moters, but upon death it triggers a 4-way blood bullet shot in cardinal directions. Each projectile is angled very slightly to its right.

Champion varieties Edit


A new green variant of the sucker, the Spit was added in the Wrath of the Lamb and might replace Suckers. They seem to replace them less often in The Womb and Utero.

Spit can be a much more dangerous enemy than the sucker. They fly towards the player at the same speed and have similar health, but fire an explosive green projectile on death (like Sloth), which takes 1 heart of damage and deals considerable area damage, outright killing any other monsters affected. They also tend to suicide if they are in close proximity to the player in order to deliver the projectile. However, they can be relatively easily exploited to blow up rocks or open secret rooms since they typically fire their projectiles at where the player was standing.

They are usually found in groups of 4 in Necropolis and can cause a chain reaction like the Boom Fly if killed too close to each other.

Gallery Edit


  • Some suspect them to be mosquito-ladybug hybrids. They have probiscis like mosquitos but are red and fat like ladybugs.
  • Other theory is that they are mosquitos full of blood just before the point of bursting, hence the color and fatness.
  • It may also be a Tick-fly hybrid also at the point at bursting.

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