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Isaac Rebirth

Vis Sister

Vis Sister from Gish.

Sisters Vis are scrapped pair of bosses that were going to appear in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. She is a boss from Gish, one of Edmund McMillen's previous games.

While Sisters Vis doesn't appear anywhere in the game since she's deleted entirely, her "V.S" name and the unlock screen texture (from the gallery below) can be found within the game files. As suggested from the unlock screen, it is assumed that Sister Vis was going to be fought in Sheol. Also, like few other unlockable bosses, they can be unlocked as well as unlocking the achievement after beating Sheol 10 times.


  • Despite being called as Sisters Vis, her appearance from the unlock screen shares the exact resemblance to her counterpart Vis Sister (also a boss from Gish) rather than wearing a Catholic nun's dress.
  • Sisters Vis would have been The Cage's (Mega Fatty's posthumous version) alternative boss. It was likely due to The Cage's body having a autopsy stitch, comparing to Sisters Vis's.
    • Furthermore, both bosses are able to spawn enemies by stretching their autopsy stitches.
  • From her name texture, the letter "s" is missing from the word "Sisters".


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