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A face with a red mouth and large eyes.


Upon activation, Isaac will charge a large blue laser from his mouth and will fire in the cardinal direction he chooses, the laser can go over obstacles and penetrate multiple enemies. (Similar to the Brimstone attack) Note that the laser takes a short time to charge up.

This makes a good alternative to those who want the abilities of Brimstone, but don't want to make deals with the Devil.

Notes Edit

  • If the player goes to another room while the laser is charging, the effect will be cancelled and no laser will be fired.



  • This is a reference to a meme on 4chan, depicting a face with a similar icon firing a 'lazor'. The original meme also includes the idea of "charging my lazor," hence the brief charge-up time before firing.


  • Having Brimstone with Shoop Da Whoop can cause misfires and significantly weaker hits per tick with the active.

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