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97 secrets

The Binding of Isaac has 97 Secrets (As of Wrath of the Lamb v1.48) that can be unlocked. Secrets can add differents kinds of things to the game, such as Items, Bosses, Characters, etc.

In-Game Secrets List (98)

Basic Progression Unlocks

Character and Combo Unlocks

Game Completion Unlocks

Special Bosses and Loot

Separate Task Based

No Damage Achievements

Halloween Update

(Some of these may be wrong)

Wrath of the Lamb In-Game Secrets List (34)


Game Completion Unlocks

The Chest


Task Based


  • Secrets might be missing even though they have already been earned, due to various Anti-Virus programs, CCleaner (Or similar cleaner programs) or Steam's Cloud Sync.
    • For a detailed description on how to fix the missing secrets, check the video below.


The Binding of Isaac PSA 1 - Missing Secrets Fix09:41

The Binding of Isaac PSA 1 - Missing Secrets Fix

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