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Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Icon

In-Game Appearance

Sacred heart Isaac

Tears Appearance

Sacred Heart Shot

Item Type

Weapon Collectible

Pickup Quote

Tears up


Movie strip

Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Angel Room

Unlocked By:

A heart lit with a small flame, with a bright red cross attached.


  • Isaac's eyes glow white as glowing tears stream down his face.
  • Shots are larger and home in on enemies.
  • Damage is multiplied by 2.3 then +1. Increases Range by 4.125. Decreases Tears by 0.4, and decreases Shot Speed by 25%.
  • Gives 1 Soul Heart upon pickup.
  • Restores all Red Hearts upon pickup.


  • Technology - Turns laser purple (similar to Spoon Bender) and increases damage.
  • The Parasite - Split tears will also home in on enemies, greatly increasing damage output.
  • IPECAC - Slows down the shot, and allows them to home on enemies.
  • Dr. Fetus: - Bomb turns white and home in on enemies.
  • Odd Mushroom (Thin) - Increases fire rate of tears greatly, allowing to fire a wall of homing tears and to deal incredible amounts of damage. The slight damage down also takes effect on Sacred Heart tears.
  • Mutant Spider - Effects are stacked.
  • Cupid's Arrow - Creates piercing homing shots that pass through the enemy, then home in on the next.
  • Lump Of Coal - The slower shot speed means a slight damage boost.
  • Polyphemus - Makes homing tears about the size of Issac's head and turns them white, massively increasing damage.
  • Dr. Fetus bombs act as Bobby-Bombs

Seeds Edit

W9MY NRXH - Start with Sacred heart and Dad's Key as Eden.



  • The item is based upon the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Catholic devotion which uses the image of Christ's physical heart (often depicted as glowing, burning, and crowned with thorns) as a symbolic representation of His infinite and long-suffering love for humanity.


When Sacred Heart tears go through the Lemon Mishap effect, they will stay in the middle of the puddle until the effect wears off.

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