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Sack of Pennies is an item. It is a brown bag with the cent mark on its front.


Isaac is followed by a small bag that drops a coin upon completion of every two rooms. Usually a Penny, sometimes a Nickel, and rarely, even a Dime.


Money Equals Power - Allows Isaac to increase damage much more quickly.


  • If Isaac already has Little Steve, Robo-Baby or Sister Maggy when picking up this item, it will bug out and turn into Brother Bobby until Isaac leaves the room.
  • If Isaac already has the Sack of Pennies and picks up Little C.H.A.D., the Sack of Pennies will turn into Little C.H.A.D. but still have both effects.

Related Achievements

Bag "The Bag" - Kill Mom's Heart with Cain.

Achievement a bag of pennies "Sack Of Pennies" - Defeat Isaac (boss) with Cain.

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