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A Rune is a somewhat rare unofficial type of Pick Up that were added in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They aren't available initially, but may be unlocked by completing certain Challenges. They occupy the bottom right (or "Q") item slot, the same item slot used by Pills and Tarot Cards.


Icon Name Effect Challenge


Creates a shield much like the one created by Book Of Shadows, but lasts much longer. (Exact duration needs to be tested) Cat got your tongue?
Rune of Ansuz icon fixed


Bestows the user with the ability to see the entire map, as if they just used The World, however, unlike The World, the user can also see the location of the Super Secret Room The Tank


Spawns three Attack Flies and three Blue Spiders to fight for Isaac. Purist


When used, it gives the user one Soul Heart. It will also remove the Curse of Darkness if used when it is active. It is unknown if it removes other curses. Darkness Falls
Ehwaz Icon


Creates a trapdoor, similar to We Need To Go Deeper!. May also create a passage to a Retro Treasure Room Head Trauma


Breaks all rocks as well as other objects in one room. Pitch Black


Doubles the amount of pickups in the room. High Brow


Acts identically to The Dice, rerolling all items in the room. Solar System


These items are called Runes due to their resemblance to Archaic (or Old) Germanic Runes, and their meaning can make what some of them do more obvious.

  • Algiz is usually translated as "Protection", it's effect generates a shield around Isaac.
  • Ansuz is usually translated as "God", it's effect allows the user to see the entire map, much like an omniscient god.
  • Dagaz is usually translated as "Daylight", it's effect can remove the Curse of Darkness, it also calls on the association of light with Faith and piety, giving the user a Soul Heart
  • Ehwaz is usually translated as "Passage", it's effect spawns a trapdoor, or passage to the next level.
  • Jera is usually translated as "Good Harvest", it's effect doubles the amount of Pick Ups in a room.

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