Isaac Rebirth

Rubber Cement is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a brown bottle filled with rubber cement.


Isaac's eyes are covered by glue and his eye sockets seem to be more obvious.

Makes Isaac's tears bounce off walls, enemies, and environmental objects rather than being destroyed.


  • Though neither Isaac's range nor shot speed statsare effected, the total distance his tears travel is significantly increased due to its bouncing.
  • Each tear can only damage an enemy once if they do not hit any obstacles or another enemy before contact with the same enemy again. The tear will simply go through them without dealing any damage if this happens.


  • Brimstone, Mom's Knife, Dr. Fetus, Epic Fetus and Technology: Completely overrides Rubber Cement. In Afterbirth, Brimstone and Technology lasers will continue to ricochet off walls.
  • Bob's Rotten Head - The head will bounce off obstacles rather than instantly explode on them. Only after it lands or hits an enemy it will explode.
  • Piercing tears like Cupid's Arrow - Tears bounce off enemies rather than pierce through them. However, Knights and The Carrion Queen can still be damaged by shooting on their faces.
  • Spectral tears like Ouija Board - Tears bounce off obstacles rather than travel through them.
  • IPECAC - Shots bounce off obstacles rather than instantly explode on them. Only after they land, hit an enemy, or a fireplace they will explode.
  • The Parasite - Tears will bounce off of obstacles without splitting, but split and bounce when hitting enemies. Splitted tears and the original one will bounce off everything.
  • Cricket's Body - Tears will bounce off obstacles and enemies without splitting. They only split after they land.


  • Lost Contact - Tears bounce off hostile projectiles rather than instantly being destroyed, allowing them to destroy other projectiles again or damage enemies.
  • A Lump of Coal - Since Rubber Cement greatly increase the total amount of distance tears travel, the effect of Lump of Coal is significantly boosted.
  • Homing tears like Spoon Bender - Tears will home on enemies again after every bouncing, though it will not deal any damage until it hits other enemies or obstacles.
  • My Reflection - Tears will home on Isaac again after every bouncing, making it a good way to enable tears hit enemies multiple times.
  • Tiny Planet - Tears still orbit Isaac after every bouncing. More powerful if combined with My Reflection.


  • PC: 9Q3H DL7F (first treasure room spawn)
  • PC: X3AR AXES (first treasure room on left)

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