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Robo-Baby 2.0


In-Game Appearance


Tears Appearance


Item Type

Pickup Quote

We worked out all the kinks


Movie strip

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Treasure Room

Unlocked By:
Complete Computer Savvy

A metallic gray fetus with red eyes and an antenna on its head.It looks like an advanced version of Robo-Baby.

Effects Edit

Isaac`s left eye is covered by a red eyepatch attached by another antenna which seems to be the remote of Robo-Baby 2.0.This effect is purely cosmetic.

The movement of Robo-Baby 2.0 is controlled by using shooting buttons (e.g. arrow keys for PC) rather than automatically following Isaac around like other Familiars——identical to Ludovico Technique. If any enemy lines up with Robo-Baby 2.0, it will start shooting the enemy automatically with Technology-like lasers.Note that its laser can go through obstacles, unlike the original technology.

Robo-Baby 2.0 fires at twice the normal rate of regular familiars, as fast as Demon Baby and Mongo Baby.

Seed == VQLT GANY(Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

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