Proptosis is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Its collectible icon is an eye in a puddle of blood.


On acquisition, Isaac's eyes bulge out of his head.

Double Isaac's damage stat while also make his tears much larger.However,the tears shrink in both size and damage when they travel further;At maximum range they still have approximately +30% damage,though.

Isaac's range stat does not actually lower in contrast to what the item quote is; However, Proptosis will cap the range stat to approximately Isaac's basic range. The effective range can still be increased by Shot Speed. Azazel is an exception to this effect; the range of his Brimstone can still be increased after picking up Proptosis.


  • The Ludovico Technique - Anti-synergy: The further the Ludovico tear away from Isaac, the lower the damage dealt by it. This is completely contrary to the usage of Ludovico which enable Isaac to damage enemies at a safe distance.
  • Soy Milk - When an Proptosis tear shrink to the minimum size it will disappear, and the beginning size of tears effected by soy milk is already small; Therefore, Isaac's tears will disappear almost just in front of him.
  • Eve's Mascara and Sacred Heart - These two items decrease Isaac's Shot Speed sharply, which make Proptosis tears travel much shorter. Despite this, they offer huge damage multipliers that stack with Proptosis' damage up.


  • Technology,Technology 2 and Technology .5 - Since lasers have infinite range, they can retain full damage up effect of Proptosis; Tears still lose damage over range when Technology 2 or .5 is equipped.
  • Azazel - His short range Brimstone retains full damage up of Proptosis without any known side-effects, make this item especially useful to him.
  • A Lump of Coal - Proptosis effects the basic damage while lump of coal simply add flat damage on the effective damage.Therefore, if Isaac has higher basic damage,he benefits more from proptosis;if he lacks damage,or he has either considerable tears or range,he benefits more from lump of coal.


  • [wikipedia:Eye_proptosis]Eye proptosis, or luxation, is an actual condition where the eyes distend out of their sockets. While it commonly occurs in animals due to head trauma, humans can have eye luxation through natural causes during birth.


Proptosis can be found in the first treasure room using the following seed(s):

  • 3CNT 6CF9 (Does not work if you unlocked The Book of Sin)

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