Pick Ups are random items that are dropped by Champion Monsters, Bosses, spawned in rooms, given by Beggars, won in Slot Machines/Shell Games, and found in Chests, Fireplaces, Poop piles, and Tinted Rocks. They are consumed by walking over them. In the case of hearts, you will not pick up a heart or attract it with Magneto unless you are damaged.

Note : Only 12 hearts will be displayed at a time (regular and soul hearts). You can only have a maximum of 12 regular hearts for the purposes of damage, though Deals With The Devil and Guppy's Paw keep track of hearts off the screen. Soul hearts are not restricted in this way.

Basic Pickups include:


Keys Coins Bombs
Item Icon Item Name Effect
Half heart Half Heart Refills heart containers by half a heart. Randomly replaces Full Hearts when dropped.
Full heart Full Heart Refills heart containers by a heart. If picked up with only missing health is half a heart, the whole heart will still be consumed.
Soul heart Soul-Heart Gives 1 additional, non-refillable heart. Randomly replaces Full Hearts when dropped.
Key Key Used to unlock locked chests, doors, or blocks.
Penny Penny Worth 1 penny.
Nickel Nickel Worth 5 pennies. Randomly replaces a normal penny when spawned.
Bomb Bomb

Blows up an obstacle (rock, doors etc.) or damages enemies.

Can be pushed by various things.

1plus1 1+1 Free Gives 2 bombs. Randomly replaces a normal bomb when spawned.
Troll bomb Troll Bomb

Acts like a lit bomb with an increased Blast Radius. Cannot be picked up. 10% chance to replace a normal bomb drop.

Tarot Cards Icon Tarot Card A Pick Up that can have one of 21 random effects. This effect is revealed upon picking it up.
Pill Yellow Orange Ground Pills A Pick Up that can have various effects. The effect is revealed upon activation, and has a chance of being negative or positive. Pill effects will automatically be revealed after 5 seconds if Isaac has the PHD item.
ChestGold chest Chest Chests drop a varying amount of Pick Ups when opened. Golden Chests require a key to open, and drop more Pick Ups than regular Chests. They also have a chance of giving Isaac an Item.

Wrath of the Lamb Pick Ups

These Pick Ups are found in the Wrath Of The Lamb DLC and in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Most of them have a chance of replacing Pick Ups from the regular game when they drop.

Item Icon Item Name Effect
Eternal Eternal Heart Grants 1 Eternal Heart, similar to a Soul Heart. Collecting another or completing the floor with it will turn it into a full Heart Container. Lost before normal Hearts but after Soul Hearts. Has a 2% chance to replace regular Hearts.
Golden key Golden Key Unlocks any door, chest, or block on the current floor without using normal keys. Randomly replaces a normal key when dropped.
Dime Dime Worth 10 pennies. Randomly replaces a normal penny when spawned.
Super Troll Bomb Super Troll Bomb Acts like a troll bomb, but follows Isaac around the room until it explodes. 5% chance to replace a normal bomb when spawned.
Red Chest Red Chest Drops two Soul Hearts, Pills, Spiders, or Troll Bombs. Alternatively, it can drop a Super Troll Bomb, teleport Isaac to the Angel Room/Devil Room, or give him 3 Blue Flies. It can also give any Guppy item except Guppy's Hair Ball.
Suit card Suit Card Has a chance to replace regular Tarot Cards. Has 5 random effects, which are revealed upon pickup.
Redpatch Trinkets Passive items that have a hidden effect upon picking them up. Only one trinket can be held at a time, unless the player has Mom's Purse.

Rebirth Pick Ups

These Pick Ups are only found in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Item Icon Item Name Effect
No picture available. Black Heart When the first Black Heart is picked up, only half of a Black Heart will appear on the Health Bar; picking up more Black Hearts after having picked up a first one will result in adding a full heart. This "resets" each time you lose all your current Black Hearts.

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