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Multidimensional Baby is a familiar added in the Afterbirth DLC.


  • Spawns a familiar that copies Isaac's movements after a 2.5 second delay.
  • When a friendly tear passes through Multidimensional Baby, the tear splits into two parallel tears, gains speed, becomes spectral, and flashes black and white.


  • 20/20: If the double tears from 20/20 are shot through the baby, they will each be duplicated for a total of four tears.
  • Anti-Gravity: Stationary duplicated tears will not launch with the rest of the tears when you stop shooting, and will stay stationary. Moving tears will be duplicated normally.
  • Brimstone: If a brimstone laser is shot through the baby, it will double the laser.
  • Papa Fly: Papa Fly's path of movement is identical to Multidimensional Baby's, so the fly's tears will always be empowered.
  • Rubber Cement: Rubber Cement will make tears pass through Multidimensional Baby more frequently, especially with a high rate of fire.
  • Technology: When the laser passes through Multidimensional Baby, it doubles the laser.
  • Tiny Planet: Tears stop revolving around the player after passing through Multidimensional Baby and shoot straight in the direction they were traveling.

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