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Monster Manual

Monster Manuel Icon

In-Game Appearance


Tears Appearance


Item Type

Activated Collectible

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Space to use

Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Unlocked By:
Complete Sheol with Judas.

A book with a centaur, horse, and a dragon on its cover.


Upon activation, Satan's laugh will be heard and a random Familiar (even locked familiars) will spawn and help Isaac for the current room. Can spawn one of the following:


  • Combined with items such as the 9 Volt, Habit, etc. can allow Isaac to have an army of familiars following him. Using this in a boss room can cause the boss to lose health very rapidly.



  • The item and its graphics are both references to the D&D Monster Manual.
  • Its presence is related to the claim that D&D is a gateway to Satanism.
  • The secret pop-up for this item has "Monster Manual" misspelled as "Monster Manuel".


  • More than 3 orbitals may be active as a result using this item; this may have been done to avoid deleting old orbitals by accident, or could have been simply overlooked.
  • Will spawn "undefined," if too many familiars are present on screen.  

Related Achievements

TheMonsterManual "The Monster Manual" - Complete Sheol with Judas.

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