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Money = Power

Money Equals Power Icon

In-Game Appearance

Money Equals Power Isaac

Tears Appearance


Item Type

Passive Collectible

Pickup Quote

$$$ = Damage

Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Unlocked By:
Complete the game eight times.

Shutter Shades with dollar signs ($) for each part.


Increases damage as your money count goes up.

Your Damage increases by 0.04 for each cent. The maximum damage gain possible is 3.96, because the maximum amount of Coins is capped at 99.


  • Since every penny counts towards more damage, anything that helps earning money synergizes well with Money = Power.
  • Lucky Foot and Luck Up Pills can increase the drop chance for money as well.
  • The Lucky Toe, Counterfeit Penny and Lucky Rock trinkets can also greatly increase your income.
  • If the player wants to purchase Shop items, having the Steam Sale can help save some coins to keep the extra damage.


  • Bum Friend's tendency to pick up any money near him will make it harder to save up money and damage.



  • The name of the item is a reference to the popular saying "Money is power".

Related Achievements

Moneypower "Money = Power" - Complete The Womb 2 eight times.

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