Isaac wears a magnet on his head.

Attracts Coins, Bombs, Hearts and Keys towards Isaac from a set distance (about seven to eight tiles). Objects can cross pits, spikes, and rocks. Magneto will not draw in Hearts if Isaac's health is full. This also includes Eternal Hearts, which will not be attracted towards Isaac if his health is full.

It will also attract Troll Bombs towards Isaac.



  • The magnet appearing above Isaac's head may be a reference to Magnet man, a boss from Megaman 3
  • The name Magneto may be a reference to Marvel's X-Men villain Magneto, whose power is magnetism.  Alternatively, it may be a reference to the real life device of the same name


  • Troll Bombs being attracted by Magneto can cause other Pick Ups in the room to slide out of the room if they were near the Troll Bomb's explosion. They can be attracted back into the room by Magneto.

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