A three toed severed foot with a gold stub and a thin circular string.


All pills picked up will have positive effects (same effect as the PHD but without pill identification), but will not affect neutral pills such as Balls of Steel, Pretty Fly, Telepills, Bad Gas, Bombs are Key, I Found Pills, Puberty, or Friends Till The End. As of Rebirth, the Lucky Foot does not modify the properties of pills.

Increased Chances

The Lucky Foot increases your chances:

  • Getting heart or coin pickups from poop piles and fireplaces.
  • Winning the Shell Game in the Arcade from 33% to roughly 56%. (see below) 
  • Winning items from Slot Machines 
  • Removes "dud" fortunes from Fortune Telling Machines
  • Getting a Pickup after clearing a room from 86.6% to 96.3%.
  • Getting a Devil Beggar to pay out (chance of paying out increases from 25% to 33.33%)

If a Shell Game is lost, the player will automatically be given a second chance, also at a 33% chance of winning. Statistically, two attempts only have a 44.44% chance of losing (2/3 * 2/3), therefore odds of winning are effectively 55.56%.

If the current Luck stat is not negative, the chance of getting a drop after clearing a room is increased from approximately 86.6% to 96.3%. However, if the current Luck stat is negative the chance is raised to 100%, with a reduced chance of seeing a pill, card, or trinket drop the lower your Luck is. See the Luck section on the Hidden Stats page for detailed calculations.


  • As of WOTL version 1.48, it completely removes fortunes from fortune telling machines, forcing the machine to re-roll if it lands on a fortune.
  • On the character selection screen, the name of the item while viewing Cain is misspelled as "Luck Foot".
  • Lucky Foot is based on a lucky rabbit's foot.

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