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Lord Of The Pit
Lord Of The Pit Icon
In-Game Appearance
Lord Of The Pit Isaac
Tears Appearance
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Pickup Quote
Deamon wings!
Other Information
Collection Grid (A,2,9)
Recharge Time N/A
Found Devil Room
Unlocked By N/A
Lord of the Pit is an item in The Binding of Isaac and the Rebirth remake. It is a black cross of St. Peter, with a bright red outline.


Isaac's body becomes black, and he gains black wings.

Allows Isaac to fly over obstacles such as spikes, rocks, and pits.

Increases Speed by 0.3.


  • A useful technique when Isaac have acquired Lord of the Pit is to hover over a pit and shoot at walking enemies like Globins and Gapers. These enemies cannot get to Isaac as long as he is above the pit.


  • Lord of the Pit is a reference to the Magic: The Gathering card of the same name.
  • More probably, it's a reference to the Biblical term Abaddon, used to describe a deep pit, a demon living in a pit or Satan himself.
    • Another Devil Room item that grants flight, Spirit Of The Night, is also a reference to a Magic: The Gathering card.
  • The pickup quote of this item has "Demon Wings" (or "Daemon Wings", the old English spelling of the word) misspelled as "Deamon Wings".
  • The inverted cross is used in the Bible as a symbol of humility before Christ; St. Peter insisted he be crucified upside-down because he was not worthy of dying in the same manner as his lord. This cross is called the Cross of St. Peter. In popular culture, however, it is mistaken for a Satanic symbol.

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