Not to be confused with the passive item, Steven

A miniature version of Steven.


Follows Isaac around, shooting purple homing projectiles, similar to Spoon Bender.


  • The Dice may be used after defeating Steven to get Steven (item) instead of Little Steve, and vice versa. However, the drop rate of Steven from him is very low, re-rolling may most likely give you Little Steve again.
  • If Isaac has Little Steven and the Umbilical Cord Trinket, when Isaac is down to half a heart Brother Bobby appears rather than a second Little Steven.
  • Picking up a second Little Steven will turn it into a Brother Bobby.


  • The item is a reference to one of Edmund's games, Time Fcuk, along with the boss Steven himself and the item Steven.



Related Achievements

Myheadhurts "My Head Hurts..." - Defeat Steven.

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