A miniature version of the boss Chub.


Adds a Familiar that follows Isaac.

Charges forward and deals touch damage to any enemies in his path. Will follow Isaac's first tear, until it recharges.

Little Chubby's attack is affected by momentum, just as tears are. Thus, he can be shot diagonally.

Although Little Chubby has a piercing effect, he will not damage Knights from the front like Cupid's Arrow or Technology will.

When you enter a new room, the first shot will automatically activate Little Chubby.

If he is hit by an explosive while charging away from Issac, he will take momentum from the explosion and will normally go faster, although the exact speed and direction he goes in after the explosion is unpredictable.


  • For Little Chubby to recharge, he must first get back to Isaac. Therefore, running away from Little Chubby after firing him will extend the time required to recharge him.


  • If Little Chubby is fired at an open door, he may sometimes get stuck.
  • While Little Chubby is not actively attacking, familiars that would switch with or become Brother Bobby due to Holy Water or Best Friend will not change.


  • Edmund has stated that Little Chubby is his favorite item.
  • The item is actually based on a reoccurring character in his comics, called Lil' Chubby, which is a talking penis.
  • According to Edmund, Lil' Chubby is actually a male, unlike his mother Chub.[1]

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Lilchubby "Lil Chubby" - Defeat all of the bosses in The Caves. (Fistula, Gurdy, Peep, Chub)


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