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Judas is a glass cannon. His very high damage output is easily the best of any of the starting characters, but he also has disadvantages. He has high speed and only 1 heart, which makes him incredibly vulnerable, but HP upgrades you will almost always win. As such, it may be a pain to get past the first few floors, especially when dodging blood shots. 



  • More so than for any of the other characters, defensive items are crucial for a successful Judas playthrough. Bomb tinted rocks whenever you see them to collect Soul Hearts, and generally avoid making deals with the devil unless you've got enough health to survive comfortably after a deal.
  • Ironically however, Judas has one of the best chances of all characters in the game of spawning a Devil Room (61% if no damage was taken on that floor while holding The Book Of Belial). You can then turn down deals from the devil to get a chance for Angel Room items in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion, which are of no consequence to your health.
  • With The Book Of Belial, he can take down any of the bosses in The Basement or The Caves within a minute or two. Don't be afraid to keep the book until late floors.
  • Items and pills that increase his rate of fire make him even more deadly.
  • Judas's three starting coins don't have much late-game impact and aren't terribly useful (certainly less so than a bomb or a key), but they can give you a nice starting boost if a Shop or gambling-heavy strategy becomes viable. At worst, they can always be chucked into a Slot Machine or given to a beggar for the chance of a pickup or an item. The 3 starting cents can also get you lucky early on and get you a boost to get to an Arcade.


As mentioned previously, avoid devil room deals early on. You need all the health you can get as Judas.

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