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Judas' Shadow is a new item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The item's design consists on a silhouette of a person. It doesn't change Isaac's In-Game Appearance.


Judas' Shadow will give you a +1 Life, when you die you will respawn in the previous room as a "Black Judas" with 2 Black Hearts and Increased damage stat.


  • This item is unlocked by beating the Boss Rush with Judas.
  • Judas' Shadow will activate before Dead Cat and +1 Mushroom.
  • If used with The Lost, the player WILL get the black hearts, damage up and turn into Judas, negating any achievements related to The Lost.
  • It'll also keep the items they already had before dying (Like any other +1 Life item)
  • The character you spawn as is identified as Judas by the game, similar to the effect of the Ankh with ???, If you revive, the achievements for beating a final boss like Satan will be changed into Judas.



JG1V A966 - Judas' Shadow can be found in the first treasure room.

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