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-119875774This article refers to the remake.
Keeper sprite
Not to be confused with the soundtrack Hush (soundtrack).

Hush is the final boss from the Blue Womb chapter in the Afterbirth DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The character can fight him if they defeat Mom´s Heart / It Lives in less than 30 minutes. If the character do beat Mom's Heart/It Lives under 30 minutes, the entrance to the Blue Womb will open, giving them the optional choice of fighting him. He has various forms of attacks, and his first form is almost identical to the Rebirth ???.

When the character defeat Hush for the first time, the End Chest will appear and they will unlock Ending 17. After that, a beam of light and a trapdoor will appear, so they can continue their run in the Sheol or the Cathedral. Also, the character will unlock new items depending on the character they use to defeat him.


He first appear identical to the Blue Gaper who animates in a very similar style of Isaac and ??? as bosses. In his third stage, his back sprout with angelic wings.

After his first defeat, he transform into his true form; appearing as a giant blue blob with a ghost-like face and almost lacking eyes. His mouth appears to have vein-like "stitches". He is covered with multiple scars and scratches, and tentacle-like veins from below.


Hush has different attacks from his two forms;

1st Form

Phase 1

Boss Hush1 ingame
Hush starts lying on the floor shooting retaliate tears when the character hit him, sometimes these tears can be homing tears or double tears (like 20/20).

Phase 2

Boss Hush2 ingame
When his life meter reach 66%, Hush stands up and shoot more tears in a radial burst, sometimes little groups of homing tears or big groups of normal ones.

Phase 3

Boss Hush3 ingame
When his life meter reach 33%, Hush will fly and sprout angel wings, and starts moving around the room. Now he throws groups of tears in a radial pattern and spawn Attack Flies. He still can retaliate with tears, but does it less often.

2nd Form

Hush ingame

Hush's true form.

When the character deplete his life meter, a second one will appear and Hush's true form will emerge from the ground with a much bigger form. In this phase his health is massive and starts shooting yellow-colored or blue-colored tears in big groups, spawn a larger number of attack flies, or make a rain of purple, black and silver tears from a side of the room, spawn blue Boils, open and spawn numerous blue Gapers. Sometimes he will hide in the floor to move and emerge again. When he reach to 15%-20% health or less Hush will start to shoot beams of water that pursue the character.

All effective items for Hush are listed as follows:


  • From the game's files, there is a file called "boss_hush_skinless" which appears to be an unfinished sprite sheet for Hush's third form. This skinless version of Hush highly resembles between The Forsaken and War. It was confirmed by Edmund McMillen on Twitter to be a "a red herring for dataminers".[1]
  • "Hush" means a silence or telling someone to be quiet.



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