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Horfs are disembodied human heads with their eyes gouged out. They only appear in The Basement, but can be spawned by Mom.


Horfs remain immobile in one spot(although slightly moving with every shot), firing blood shots at Isaac when he gets in their range. They will fire shots directly at Isaac when they're about 1/2 room width away from them, even though their shots can travel the entire room's length. This makes it possible to outrange the Horfs in almost all encounters with them; even if you're in range, they have slow rate of fire and their shots are slow-travelling as well, and can be dodged simply by moving slightly to the side.

Champion VarietiesEdit



  • Besides having their eyes gouged out, Horfs also lack their upper teeth. This, when combined with the gargling sound made when they fire, suggests that their shots are formed by the blood from their mouth, instead of their eyes.
  • They are named 'horfs' by the 'horfing' sound they make

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