He's the Number One is the 32nd track from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is also the last track without two DLCs installed.


The only instrument that plays during the song is a guitar. While the man is singing the lyrics, a demonic voice can be also heard singing along lasting for several seconds.


He's the number one; God's favorite Son.
His flowing robes leads down from Heaven.
His hands will touch you; build a world around you.
The light within His heart is enough to heal us all.
He will fill your soul when life takes its toll.
Your only goal is to find His kingdom.
His love is real; the golden seal.
Trust in the book and the bread you took.


  • There is a demonic subliminal message that can be heard briefly from the song. After the singer said "God's favorite Son.", a very deep, demonic voice speaks "I'll kill you.", though it is very difficult to hear it properly.
    • The voice continues throughout the rest of the track, possibly singing along, possibly singing its own rendition.
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