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Gurdy Jr. is a boss added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. The daughter of Gurdy, she can be encountered in the Cellar and the Catacombs as a boss.

Up to three of them might also appear in regular rooms as a mini-boss in Cathedral, The Chest and also rarely in Utero and even Necropolis.


Like her mother, Gurdy Jr. can spawn enemies and fire bullets, though her attack strategies differ somewhat. Junior spawns Pooters and can shoot a barrage of blood bullets in eight directions. Unlike her immobile mother, she can also charge at incredible speed diagonally towards Isaac, bouncing off anything she comes into contact with while she keeps on moving. This attack is very unpredictable, and it starts without warning.


Even if you're fast, it's advisable to keep your distance from this boss at all times. Always try to align yourself horizontally to her, as her straight charges are much slower than her diagonal ones. It's possible to slow this attack down via knockback by shooting at her while she's charging, but this is only to be used as a last resort unless you possess high amounts of knockback through a high tear rate and high damage. Gurdy Jr. will freeze in place if she uses this attack while affected by Little Gish's slowing projectiles.

Champion Variants


Blue Gurdy Jr.

An additional smaller Gurdy Jr. appears in the room, and they only attack by charging. They don't spawn Pooters or Fat Flies, either.


Gurdy jr. red

Does not fire shots, and only spawns Fat Flies and charges at the player. Also seems to have more health and is larger than the regular Gurdy Jr. variant.


  • If you use a stunning item, such as Mom's Bra, Gurdy Jr. may flicker in the four corners of the screen and make a loud static noise. The same glitch also happens with Duke Of Flies, but it is stable when compared to Gurdy Jrs.


  • As the name suggests, Gurdy Jr. is a counterpart to Gurdy, similar to Monstro and Monstro II, or The Duke of Flies and The Husk. This also goes to the Gurglings and Mama Gurdy from Rebirth.
  • Gurdy Jr. did not appear as a regular boss due to a bug until the v1.2 update. She could be encountered in regular rooms on higher levels, however.
  • Parts of her versus screen could already be seen due to another bug when fighting other bosses that caused them to blend together.
  • Gurdy Jr. was identified female by Edmund when asked about female characters when asked about female characters on his formspring account.[1]


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The Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb Bosses Gurdy Jr

The Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb Bosses Gurdy Jr.

Battle against Gurdy Jr.

Red Gurdy Juniors in The Chest - TBoI 1

Red Gurdy Juniors in The Chest - TBoI 1.4 Petden

Red Gurdy Juniors in The Chest in 1.4


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