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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Icon

In-Game Appearance

Guardian Angel Isaac

Tears Appearance


Item Type


Pickup Quote

Faith up

Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Unlocked By:
Complete Sheol with Maggy.

A smiling fetus with angelic wings.


Spawns a guardian angel that orbits Isaac at a fast speed. Does damage on contact similar to other orbitals as well as blocking adversaries' tears.

This will also cause all orbiting items/familiars (Pretty Flies, Cube Of Meat, Sacrificial Dagger, Distant Admiration, Forever Alone, all Attack Flies and the Guardian Angel itself) to orbit at roughly 1.5 times faster speed.


  • The secret pop-up for this item has "Guardian Angel" misspelled as "Gaurdian Angel."

Related Achievements

TheGuardianAngel "The Guardian Angel" - Complete Sheol with Maggy.

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