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Globins are children with red, meat-like bodies, a few small teeth, and empty eye sockets. They are commonly found in The Caves, The Catacombs, The Depths, Necropolis, and less commonly in The Womb, Utero, Cathedral, and Sheol.


Globins attempt to directly charge at the player, similar to Gapers; however, they are much faster. Instead of dying, they will crumble into goo after taking a certain amount of damage and then regenerate anew unless destroyed in their puddle-of-goo form. If a Globin regenerates from their broken form, they will have decreased health, and will be easier to kill.

Because of their speed, Globins have the tendency to overshoot the player's position in rooms with a large number of obstacles, which can lead to Isaac being quickly surrounded on all sides if care is not taken. A tip on avoiding being surrounded is to remember that your tears do have moderate knockback that can open a window in a seemingly airtight formation.

Champion VarietiesEdit

Gazing GlobinEdit

An alternate version exists which has an eye in one of its sockets, larger teeth, and a much more contorted face. They are naturally found in some rooms in The Depths, and can replace regular Globins. Gazing Globins run towards Isaac with increased speed, have more health, and slide away when they collapse into goo, but otherwise function identically to regular Globins.

Champion VarietiesEdit


  • Each time a Globin collapses, it counts as a kill. This can be exploited to either refill the recharge bar for items, or with the Charm Of The Vampire, to (slowly) refill health and increase damage with Bloody Lust, although patience is required for these.
  • Standing over an unreachable spot (via The Ladder or Flight) will cause Globins to stop moving towards Isaac, and stand completely still. They will not move again until Isaac becomes reachable again.
  • Globins and Gazing Globins do a full heart of touch damage, even in floors before The Womb.
  • When Globins and Gazing Globins are spawning into a room, they can be killed without collapsing.



  • Globins are a reference to Red/Blood Skeletons from Castlevania.[1]
  • The name most likely stems from Hemoglobin, a biomolecule responsible for giving blood its red color.
  • Sloth and Super Sloth are reskinned versions of Globins.

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