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Gapers are children that resemble Isaac, but have blood instead of tears, and their skin is more pale. Gapers are commonly found in The Basement and Cellar.


Gapers will attempt to walk towards Isaac by taking the most direct route possible. If there is no way to reach Isaac, due to obstacles such as Rocks or Poop blocking the way, they will stand still and avoid moving towards Isaac until a proper route is created.

On occasion, they can turn into Pacers or Gushers after dying.

Champion VariantsEdit

Frowning GapersEdit

Frowning Gapers look identical to regular Gapers, but have empty eye sockets that appear closed before they get close to Isaac. When awoken, they have the same head sprite as Horfs. Frowning Gapers move quicker than Gapers and spawn Pacers and Gushers more often.

Frowning Gapers are found in The Basement and Cellar.

Champion VarietiesEdit


Gurgles are new enemies added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC; they are commonly found in the Catacombs and, occasionally, Necropolis.

The look identical to awoken Frowning Gapers, but have green-tinted skin and they are more hunched back.

They have much more health than regular Gapers, but will not turn into Pacers or Gushers on death. They also move much more slowly.

They shoot IPECAC shots at Isaac at very short range. These shots will kill other enemies in their Area of Effect, but Gurgles themselves are immune to their own shots. Like other enemies' explosive projectiles, Gurgles' shots can be used to shatter Rocks or open Secret Rooms by making Gurgles fire at the appropriate area.

Gurgles are somewhat more predictable and accurate in their shots compared to guts and walking guts, because they will always shoot at Isaac's position. However, the timing of their shots is unpredictable. As such, an effective strategy of delivering explosives to a particular area (e.g. Tinted Rock or potential secret room entrance) is to stand still in that position as long as possible before moving to avoid getting touched, in order to prompt the Gurgles to shoot their projectiles at you.



  • If a slowing item is used, such as the The Hourglass, Gurgles will shoot two red IPECAC shots at the player instead of one.
  • When Gurgles are slowed by an item, such as Spider's Bite or The Hourglass, their walking animation will not play.

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