A Flunitrazepam pill, or most commonly known as "roofies".


Upon activation, the level is refreshed, and Isaac wakes up back in the starting room of the current level, with a completely new layout, new monsters, and new treasures in the treasure room. This item is unique as being a "one time use" item, meaning after use, it is unavailable for the rest of the play session.

If used when Isaac has an Eternal Heart, it will count as going to a new floor and will add a Heart Container.

Using this item in an XL floor will teleport you to the first floor of that zone. For example, if used on Caves XL, you will go through Caves 1 and 2 afterwards, boosting the item's effectiveness. You cannot pick up an item like how you use a telepills while running into a tarot card and keeping the card. Forget me now is instant and wont let you pick up a space bar right after use.


  • This item is a reference to the series "Arrested Development", where the character Gob refers to roofies as "Forget Me Nows."
  • Did you know it exists in real life?


  • Using the item in The Cathedral will take you to Sheol, making it possible to beat Isaac and Satan in the same playthrough. However, using it in the Chest will work as it should. 

Related Achievements

ForgetMeNow "Forget Me Now" - Complete Sheol with ???.

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