Flies are small flying insects that appeared in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They may refer to:


  • Black Fly - A very common black-colored fly enemy.
  • Attack Fly - A red/black flashing fly enemy.
  • Moter - A pair of Attack Flies joined together.
  • Eternal Fly - A pure white-colored fly enemy.
  • Pooter - A bloated version of normal flies.
  • Fat Fly - A fatter and stronger version of the Pooter.
  • Boom Fly - A larger version of normal flies that can explode upon death.
  • Red Boom Fly - A red-colored Boom Fly.
  • Drowned Boom Fly - A blue-colored Boom Fly. (Coin?)
  • Sucker - More powerful version of normal flies.
  • Spit - A green-colored Sucker.
  • Swarm Fly - A yellow-colored fly. (Coin?)
  • Dart Fly - A type of fly looking similar to that of the Swarm Fly. (Coin?)
  • Ring Fly - A pink-colored fly.
  • Level 2 Fly - A much stronger variant of normal flies.
  • Full Fly - A powerful version of normal flies related to Level 2 Flies.
  • Hush Fly - A bluer-colored fly. (Coin?)




  • Beelzebub - A transformation based on the demon of the same name being titled as "lord of the flies".

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