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For the monster from The Legend of Bum-bo, see Fly.

Black Flies (ブラックフライ Burakkufurai), also known as Flies for short, are one of the most common enemies, found in almost all chapters. They can naturally spawn in The Basement. They also come in sort of multiple variants.


Black Flies buzz around the room randomly, making buzzing noises, often moving away from the player. They cannot damage Isaac at all, even by touch, making them completely harmless. However, they can turn into relatively dangerous Pooters if they fly around the Poop for too long or come in contact with a golden poop.



  • They appear in the original game.
  • Black Flies, along with other type of flies, are one of the enemies with lack of champion variants.
    • Same apply to Spiders and few other monsters.
  • From the original game, few Black Flies can be seen from the menu screen before starting the game.
    • In Rebirth, however, never appear in the menu screen but few sprites still can be found in the game files.
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    • It will have no effect whatsoever, unless the orbital you find is better than one of those you already have, in which case it will replace it.
    • you can gey up to 5 orbitals using the monster manual
  • Black fly gained quite a bit of weight fast...

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    • It happened because if a normal, black fly hover around poop for a while, it might turn into a pooter, those flies that shoot blood shots. ...
    • I had a Fat fly(the two shot one) change into a pooter and I had no clue what happend.

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