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Eve is the sixth unlockable character. She is unlocked by making two or more deals with the devil in one playthrough. Eve was added in the Halloween update on the 1st of November, 2011. Your game must be updated to this or a later update in order to unlock her.

She starts out with two hearts, one point of attack, three points in speed, and two points in range. She starts out with a Dead Bird, which summons a dead bird familiar that attacks enemies when she is harmed, and Whore of Babylon, which transforms her into a demon when she is down to half a heart. When she is in this form, 3 points of attack are added and a screen will appear saying, "What a terrible night to have a curse..." (reference to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest). She starts with no coins, bombs or keys.

If the player was to buy/find the Brimstone, The pact, Lord of the pit, or anything else that turns Isaac dark, the game will think that Eve is ingame instead of Isaac and therefore will not unlock her.

Gameplay Tips & Strategy

Eve is a "Risk for Reward" style character, players can take damage to receive a familiar (Dead Bird) and when near death, will receive a damage upgrade (Whore of Babylon), this can be exploited by skilled players or resorted to for inexperienced players.

One strategy is to stay at a half heart of health to have demon form, but use soul hearts for safety. If you find one or two soul hearts, don't collect them right away. Instead, let yourself get down to half a heart then go collect the soul hearts. You will stay in demon form but have the soul hearts for safety. Alternatively, use a Blood Donation Machine to reach low health. The machine will not take away any soul hearts unless you're already at half a heart. You will be in constant demon form which helps a lot considering her low starting damage.

Another helpful strategy with Eve for the late game in the Womb or Sheol is to avoid healing to full health, rather to leave half a heart open at the end. This way, you still will take the same number of hits before dying, but on the second to last hit you will activate the Whore of Babylon, whereas at full health you would never activate it since it is difficult to lose half a heart, the only way to do so is to take a full heart's damage and heal back half a heart, making items like Little Chad and Charm of the Vampire handy for setting up the curse to activate in an emergency.

Completion Award

TheRazorBlade Completing the Womb with Eve unlocks the Razor Blade

TheDemonBaby Completing Sheol unlocks the Demon Baby

The Sacrificial Knife Completing The Cathedral in Wrath of the Lamb unlocks the Sacrificial Dagger.

Eves Bird Foot-1- Completing The Chest in Wrath of the Lamb unlocks Eve's Bird Foot.


  • Eve has a slightly higher base chance of finding Spirit Hearts: 15.63% instead of 10%.

Unlocking details

  • To specfically 'make 2 deals with the devil in one playthrough', you must vist and purchase an item from a devil room twice. This means you cannot get Eve by purchasing both items in the room, a devil room must actually appear twice, making not all playthroughs possible to get Eve.



  • Much like Magdalene, Eve is just Isaac in a wig, albeit with a bit of eye shadow.
  • The "What a terrible night to have a curse..." dialogue box that appears is a direct reference to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
  • You do not have to complete a full playthrough to unlock her, just make the two Devil Room purchases and she will unlock instantly, this can be useful if it requires that you kill yourself in order to make the deal or if you just want the character.
  • Edmund has stated that Eve is his favourite character due to her unique risky playstyle.
  • Edmund confirmed on his Formspring that Eve is the Druid class.
  • Eve gets her name from the "Eve" from the Bible, who was the first woman and first sinner.
  • Unlocking Eve is likely a reference to the Bible when The Serpent tricks Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge, the first sin.
  • The Whore of Babylon ability is most likely a reference to the Book of Revelation, where the angels bring John to witness the judging of the great whore, Babylon.
  • When down to 1/2 of a heart, Eve leaves a pool of blood instead of the usual urine from the other characters (This is not due to the Whore of Babylon, as other characters can obtain the curse and still leave urine). This is most likely in reference to God's punishment for Eve's original sin. In the Bible God punished Eve by making childbirth painful and giving women periods. The pool of blood is likely period blood.
  • In version 1.4.8, there was a bug where the item unlocked with Eve upon completing The Chest, was the item meant for ???. In addition, if the player beat the Chest with ???, they would recieve the item meant for Eve.
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