Isaac Rebirth Donation Machine is a machine added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

A machine with the word "Donation" written across the top of it.
2014-11-08 00002
It has a counter in the middle which represents how many coins the player has donated.

When Isaac interacts with it, he deposits one Penny into the machine and the counter increases by one. After a certain amount of Pennies have been donated, an effect that alters the game will occur, such as Shops selling better items. It is possible that the coin jams the machine, which stops Isaac from donating for the rest of current run. Damaging the machine with a Bomb or other explosives does not destroy it, instead making it drop a random amount of coins (2-5), however, this makes the Donation Machine lose the amount of pennies that fall out plus one, as well as cause the counter to go down by that amount. Donation Boxes can be found in Shops and Arcades (Confirmed). Amount of coins donated carries over through floors and games.

Store upgrades

  • 100 pennies: Store Upgrade lv.2
  • 150 pennies: Black Candle unlocked
  • 200 pennies: Store Upgrade lv.3
  • 400 pennies: Red Candle unlocked
  • 600 pennies: Store Upgrade lv.4
  • 900 pennies: The Candle unlocked
  • 999 pennies: Stop Watch unlocked


  • Each store level adds another item for purchase in future shops.
  • Once shop has been upgraded (levels 1-4) the effect remains permanent regardless of withdrawing coins through bombs.
  • The machine is absent in future restarts of same seed and in Challenges.
  • Do not make the machine explode with 1000 cents. It will reset the count to zero, will not unlock anything, and forces the player to fill the machine back up. It will drop a lot of dimes though.
  • Holding the Counterfeit Penny along with a bomb upgrade (e.g. Dr. Fetus) allows the player to max out the Donation Machine (until it jams).
  • If a shop has a Donation Machine and a Glowing Hour Glass, fill the machine with as many coins as you can while still affording the Glowing Hour Glass. After you donate, buy it, use it to turn back time, and you will still have the coins you had before you entered the shop, and the Donation Machine will keep the total you left it at, allowing you to max out your donation machine in one run.


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