Isaac Rebirth

Dead Onion is a passive collectible.


  • Gives spectral and piercing tears.
  • -0.25 range.
  • -0.4 shot speed.
  • -0.5 shot height.


  • Despite the item's pickup quote, it does not cause tears to inflict the poison status affect on enemies.


  • Cricket's Body: Not recommended as effective range will be significantly decreased.
  • Incubus: Gives piercing tears but does not affect shot speed or tear size.
  • IPECAC: Slows your tears, making it easier to aim.
  • Lost Contact: One tears can hurt multiple enemies and block multiple projectiles.
  • Mom's Knife: Overrides Dead Onion.
  • Rubber Cement: The edges of the tears will still have the piercing and spectral effects, but the center will lose them and gain the bouncing properties.
  • The Parasite: Tears will continue to pass through enemies but will produce additional tears on contact.

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