A dead, black bird.


Whenever Isaac takes damage, the bird starts attacking nearby enemies while flying over obstacles. The effect only lasts for the current room.

This item can be activated through self-damage.

Eve starts the game with this item.


  • The Dead Bird can move Bombs around. This can cause potential damage to Isaac if the player is not careful.
  • The Dead Bird can damage Hosts even when they are shielded.
  • The Dead Bird will sometimes attempt to damage enemies who cannot take damage such as spikes and Grimaces.
  • One should be careful when facing Boom Flies with the Dead Bird, because it can potentially deal damage to Isaac if the Boom Fly explodes.
  • Eve starts with the Dead Bird, along with the Whore Of The Babylon


  • The Virus - Isaac can touch enemies to deal damage to them, and spawn the Dead Bird familiar.


  • This item's sprite is from an earlier game titled "AVGM", which is another game made by Edmund McMillen.
  • The Eve's Bird Foot Trinket can spawn a Dead Bird, but it will be transparent and missing a leg.
  • The inclusion of the Dead Bird could be a reference to Edmund's comic "Thicker than Water" where he explains that "the dead bird represents my other side, my inner doubt and self destructive nature. that aspect of the comic will become more apparent as the series grows." This could also explain why it activates upon taking damage.
  • The legless ghost bird could be a reference to Edmund's The Backup Files of Freddy the Robot.

Related Achievements

"Eve's Dead Bird" - Make two deals with the devil in one playthrough.

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