This article refers to the challenge of the original game's DLC. For the challenge with a similar strategy from Rebirth, see Pitch Black.
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Dark was the Night is challenge #1 from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion for the original The Binding of Isaac game.


Completing the challenge from the original game will grant Isaac with The Candle.

1. Pitch Black2. High Brow3. Head Trauma4. Darkness Falls5. The Tank6. Solar System7. Suicide King8. Cat Got Your Tongue9. Demo Man10. Cursed!11. Glass Cannon12. When Life Gives You Lemons13. Beans!14. It's in the Cards15. Slow Roll16. Computer Savvy17. Waka Waka18. The Host19. The Family Man20. Purist21. XXXXXXXXL22. SPEED!23. Blue Bomber24. PAY TO PLAY25. Have A Heart26. I RULE!27. BRAINS!28. PRIDE DAY!29. Onan's Streak30. The Guardian31. Backasswards32. April Fools33. Pokey Mans34. Ultra Hard35. Pong

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