Isaac Rebirth The Dark Room is a location added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It sometimes appears in the place of the Super Secret Room. The Room may contain a Black Heart The room appears to be a dark, floating landmass in the middle of a pitch black void, the exit being a purple portal that connects back to the level proper.

The Dark Room is in reference to the item The Negative, which is an undeveloped version of the item The Polaroid. Before digital cameras, Polaroid photos needed to be turned into a negative that would be developed in a Dark Room, hence the name.

Normal & Hard Mode
Chapter 1
The BasementThe CellarBurning Basement
Chapter 2
The CavesThe CatacombsFlooded Caves
Chapter 3
The DepthsNecropolisDank Depths
Chapter 4
The WombUteroScarred Womb
Chapter 5
SheolCathedralBlue Womb
Chapter 6
The Dark RoomThe ChestThe Void
Greed & Greedier Mode
The BasementThe CavesThe DepthsThe WombSheolThe ShopUltra Greed

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