A page of ratty-looking, red paper with illegible script written upon it, with ISAAC (presumably signed, hence 'contract') written on the bottom.


Isaac's eyes turn vacant and white.

The items that are produced upon clearing a room become doubled. If a heart pick-up would drop, two drop instead; if a dime would drop, two dimes drop instead; etc.

Its potential side effect, as its pickup quote suggests, is a slight increase in the possibility of finding a "double trouble" boss room (a room which includes two of the same boss). However, in most occasions, the bosses in a "double trouble" room are bosses from earlier floors, decreasing its potential difficulty.


  • Humbling Bundle - Doubles the number of things dropped while the bundle makes every drop a 1+1, meaning that four of everything that is randomly dropped when clearing a room is dropped instead of just one.
  • Dark Bum - A room with a full red heart drop will always cause him to give an item.


  • Contract from Below is a Magic the Gathering card.

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