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Clotty is a monster which appears to be a living blob of blood with a bone in its head. It can be randomly found on any floor, ranging from The Basement to The Cathedral.


Clotty slowly crawls in random directions, shooting blood projectiles in the cardinal directions every three seconds, making it hard to hit without taking damage. If there are multiple Clotties in a room, the use of bombs or activated items like The Necronomicon is highly recommended. Having spectral or homing tears will make engagements with them much easier as well.

Champion VarietiesEdit


Clot is a fairly uncommon enemy found in The Basement, The Caves and The Depths. In Wrath of the Lamb, Clots also uncommonly appear in Cellar, Catacombs and Utero but are more common in Cathedral.

Clots flit about the room haphazardly, firing black projectiles in diagonal directions at random intervals. It is much easier to defeat than Clotty, since you will be perfectly safe if you shoot at it while standing directly in front or to the side of it. It is only truly dangerous when there are other enemies in the room.

Champion VarietiesEdit

I. BlobEdit

The new enemy added in the Wrath of the Lamb, I. Blob is a rare enemy to encounter as it sometimes replaces Clot or Clotty which aren't common enemies either. They can be found in any place where Clotties and Clots would appear.

I. Blob fires from every direction, combining the cross pattern shots from Clotty and diagonal pattern from Clot, making it extremely dangerous. As with Clotty, it is recommended to employ bombs or activated items against it, and having spectral or homing tears will do a lot to shift the odds in your favor.

Champion VarietiesEdit


  • The Clot resembles a black blob with yellow eyes and white teeth, and is almost identical to the protagonist Gish, from the game of the same name, which was also created by Edmund McMillen.
  • Due to their skin, and crying face, the I in I.Blob most likely stands for Isaac Blob, or I (me) Blob.
  • In the credits, the picture of the Clot looks like the top half of a Clotty, indicating a possible change in the design of the Clot during the game's development.


  • When a Clot is in the room, using bombs or defeating other enemies will leave the same black goo marks as Clots. Ranged enemies will also shoot the same black projectiles as the Clots.

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Clot gif from Rebirth.

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