The Chaos Card is an item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that takes up a Tarot Card slot. On use, a projectile is launched from the player and the card is consumed. This projectile will kill any enemy it hits, including all bosses. It can only be used once. It will only kill one stage of a boss if the boss has multiple stages (e.g., Satan). The card will also open any door in the game except for the door to the Mega Satan boss fight. The card will destroy poop, rocks, and other destructible objects in its path.

After the card is thrown you will be able to see it sticking out of the wall it hit, but you will not be able to pick it back up. It is recommended to get close to the enemy before throwing the card to increase the chances of hitting the enemy.

The card is unlocked after beating Challenge #9, Demo Man.

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