Cancer is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. It is the astrological sign for Cancer, the crab.


Upon receiving this item, Isaac develops claws for hands. He also gains three soul hearts after taking the item and a blue aura similar to the Wafer whenever he gets hit, which reduces damage. The aura disappears after a period of time. Have a possibility to upgrade tear shooting rate.


PC : 9TPQ J2AM (1st Treasure Room)

PC : G1BY 4Q7J (1st Treasure Room)

PC : N6A0 7R23 (1st Treasure Room)

PC : 4BP8 81VK (1st Treasure Room)

PC : ZW7D AWN3(1st Treasure Room)

PC : KTCT VJ4E(1st Treasure Room)

PC : 1F83 J764(1st Tresure Room)

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