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  • Charecter

    2 messages
    • I think that Cain is probably the best charecter in the whole game. He always wins on fortune tellers. He makes all pills good or neutral. He ...
    • Isaac's rounded stats combined with the D6, which is arguably the best use item, make him my favorite character. It gives you a lot more cont...
  • Cain's tears

    5 messages
    • His rate is 2 (fixed the typo on his page). Fruitsmax is right: His rate always is the same as stated by values.
    • Cain's tear is 4 because he has one eye. But real speed is 2 카인 눈 1개라서 눈물 속도 4임 다른 캐릭터가 1초에 눈알 1개...

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