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  • What's an easy way to unlock Cain without the cheat engine

    10 messages
    • Itomwright wrote:If you have 15 coins and are in the shop, try purchasing the Piggy bank. Everytime you're damaged you drop 1/2 coins. Damnit...
    • Just keep playing, i had about 30 coins at 50% in the game, found a vault, and then used a card to double all my items, i had 99 coins and got cain.
  • Charecter

    4 messages
    • Arguably, Judas is better if you're better at the game, but Cain is my favorite character as well.
    • IMO Azazel is best. Instant flight, high dmg brimstone, and if you're decent, the range isnt an issue.

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