A blue fetus with crossed eyes.


Follows Isaac around, shooting regular blue tears.


Brother bobby is a reference to Edmund's Dead Baby Dressup.


When used with IPECAC, Brother bobby will not shoot tears but the animation will appear.

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  • Brother Bobby and Sister Maggy are aborted fetuses

    10 messages
    • I thought they were miscarriges.  I still think that, actually.  If Isaac had known Maggy, why would she be a fetus in-game?
    • I think Isaac was the older child. Maggy was his younger sister and his motheer was pregnant with Bobby when Maggy accidentally cause...
  • Brother Bobby is ???

    4 messages
    • Yep I changed that, thanks for pointing out my typo. 
    • Wolox9 wrote: Yep I changed that, thanks for pointing out my typo.  No prob ^_^

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