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Blood Rights

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Treasure Room

Unlocked By:
Complete Sheol with Samson

An antiquated straight razor stained with blood.


Consumes a heart and damages all enemies in the current room for each use, similar to The Necronomicon. Upon use, it makes blood pour from the walls, similar to when you beat Mom.


Exact Heart PriceEdit

Before The Womb:

From The Womb onward:

  • Costs half a red heart if Isaac has one red heart and any soul heart
  • Costs half a soul heart if Isaac has half a red heart and at least one soul heart
  • Costs one heart otherwise


Any Items that trigger upon damage will be triggered by Blood Rights as well. (Celtic Cross, Cursed Skull, etc.)



  • Blood Rights resembles a straight razor, which could be considered a symbol of reaching manhood.


  • Using the Blood Rights on a Mask + Heart will only kill the 'masks', leaving the hearts alive, but one hit away from death. This is not due to the item itself so much as the damage value exactly bringing a Heart to 0HP.
  • Blood Rights can hit off-screen enemies like with The Necronomicon.

Related AchievementsEdit

Blood Rights "Blood Rights" - Complete Sheol with Samson.

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