A blood clot.


Isaac's left eye is covered by a blood clot. All tears fired from his left eye are blood tears that are slightly larger than regular tears.

Give +1 damage and approximately +5 range stats for tears fired from that eye.


  • If the character can only fire tears from one eye or one source because of some items, Blood Clot may work in different methods. These items are listed below. However these mechanics do not work on Cain.

- Cursed Eye: Isaac only fires tears from his cursed right eye, therefore completely negates the effect of blood clot.

- Technology 2: Isaac only fires tears from his left eye which is covered by blood clot, therefore all his tears gain the effect of blood clot. All effects of Technology 2 retain.

- Polyphemus, 20/20, Inner Eye, Mutant Spider, IPECAC and Chocolate Milk: Every second row of tears are all effected by blood clot.

  • Cain's left eye is covered by his eyepatch, therefore he gains a 50% chance to fire blood tears instead of any certain pattern no matter how he fire tears.
  • Brimstone, Mom's Knife and Technology- Completely override blood clot.
  • Tammy's Head, Isaac's Tears and Sad bomb - All tears fired by these items can not benefit from blood clot.


  • Dr. Fetus and Epic Fetus - Oddly enough, every bomb/missile fired will have a 50% chance to be tinted red (together with their explosions) and gain the effect of blood clot instead of overriding it.
  • Monstro's Lung - All bullets fired are effected by blood clot instead of half of them, unless the character is Cain.


  • A blood clot, also called thrombus depending on situations, is the final product of blood coagulation: a semi-solid (or solid) mass of blood. The term "thrombus" refers to this phenomenon happening within the vascular system during life, while "blood clot" is more used to refer to this phenomenon happening post-mortem, and this may be intentional regarding the theme of the game.

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