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Babies are monsters encountered in The Depths and The Womb.


Babies slowly float towards Isaac, occasionally shooting a single blood shot. They also have the ability to teleport to anywhere in the room, occasionally close to Isaac. They usually teleport after a shot. The only random element is the shooting, and they have no specific cue to indicate incoming attacks.

Champion VarietiesEdit

Angel BabyEdit

The Angelic Baby is a new enemy added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. They can be found at the Cathedral, Necropolis, and Utero. They can also replace the regular baby.

They have much higher health and are more aggressive than the regular Baby.


Instead of the normal one shot, the Angel Baby fires 3 blood shots at Isaac. When fighting against Isaac, they will shoot regular tears. They also teleport more often, usually near Isaac.  

Bugs Edit

  • Angel Babies will sometimes shoot slowing tears. (needs confirmation)
  • If you touch the baby right when he reappear (after disappearing to teleport), you will take no damage.


  • Version 1.33 introduced a bug called "Psy Baby" which was fixed in 1.4
    • Normal Babies or Angelic Babies could spawn with the ability of firing homing shots similar to the Psychic Maw and the Spoonbender item.
  • Babies always spawn in pairs or fours. The lowest spawning babies in each room were always the psychic ones, whether normal or angel. This also applied to Isaac and ??? spawning 2 angel babies; each time they were spawned, the lower one of the two would be psychic.
  • Babies use the same death sounds as gooballs from the game World of Goo.

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