Isaac Rebirth

Anti-Gravity is an item added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a single tear surrounded by blue "electrons".


Isaac is tinted blue and a symbol of electrons is shown on his forehead.

If the firing key is held, Isaac's tears will float on the place they were created instead of being shot. They will be fired in the same direction they were originally fired after a few seconds or the key is released.

Increase Tears by 0.32.



  • Brimstone - Creates a red sphere when Brimstone is released. The sphere grows larger until it's about the size of Isaac's head, then shrink and fires the Brimstone beam in the direction Isaac initially shot it. During this period the sphere can damage enemies using the same damage and rate of Brimstone. After released, Isaac can instantly start charging another Brimstone again.
  • Monstro's Lung- Fire rate is increased without any effects to the tears, essentially taking less time to charge Monstro's Lung.
  • Strange Attractor - Floating tears can still pull enemies toward them. This can sometimes prove detrimental, as it leaves a trail of magnetic tears that pull enemies towards Isaac.
  • Brimstone and Strange Attractor - Any enemies near the sphere as it grows will be sucked into and take large amounts of damage.
  • My Reflection - While holding the arrow keys, floating tears will follow Isaac and hover over him until the arrows keys are released.


  • It functions similarly to the Bubbler/Bubbline weapon from Cave Story, albeit initially lacking the ability to block projectiles without Lost Contact and not being able to follow the player around.
  • Isaac's appearance bears a strong resemblance to Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen.

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