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A simple white book with a circled capital A (the symbol for anarchism) painted on it.


Randomly drops 6 Troll Bombs around the current room


  • The Sin mini-boss Pride cannot be damaged by the Troll Bombs spawned.


  • As with most Activated Items, Items such as Habit, 9 Volt and The Battery decrease the charge time, increasing the effectiveness of this item.
  • The D20 can be used to re-roll the Troll Bombs spawned to give 6 other items. However, this is very difficult to do as the player would have to use the Anarchist Cookbook, then quickly pick up the D20 and use it before the Troll Bombs explode.
  • The Troll Bombs spawned by this item are affected by Bob's Curse, Bobby-Bomb and Mr. Mega's effects.
  • The Troll Bombs spawned by this item are affected by Magneto's pull effect.



  • This is a direct reference to an online guide and book of the same name that provides instructions on bomb-making, wiretapping, soda machine hacking, and other destructive things.
  • The Tarot Card The Tower has the same effect.

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