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A Lump Of Coal

A Lump Of Coal Icon

In-Game Appearance

A Lump Of Coal Isaac

Tears Appearance


Item Type

Passive Collectible

Pickup Quote

My xmas present


Movie strip

Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Always dropped by Krampus

Unlocked By:
Defeat Krampus

A piece of coal.


Isaac's face becomes dirtied with coal dust.

Turns tears black and increases damage based on how long tears have been on the screen. The size of Isaac's tears is decreased initially, but increases as damage does.


  • If A Lump of Coal is rerolled with The Dice, it will be replaced by other Devil Room item, which will not cost any heart containers.
  • With BrimstoneTechnology or Technology 2 Isaac's damage will increase by 2 instead of the normal effect.
  • Becomes less effective as Shot Speed increases. This is because damage increases based on how long Isaac's tears are on screen, and higher Shot Speed decreases that time.
  • Makes Tammy's Head less damaging.


  • Can be very potent if combined with an item that causes tears to home in on a target (e.g. Magician tarot card or Spoon Bender) and if range has been increased by a large amount.
  • Can be combined with IPECAC for a slight damage increase, due to IPECAC's long travel time.



  • Reference to the folk tale that any child who is 'naughty' will receive a lump of coal for Christmas.
  • Collecting A Lump Of Coal will give the player an achievement for the Gift Pile Steam Event 2011.

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