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What is The Binding of Isaac?

This wiki seeks to itemize and categorize all of the Items, Trinkets, Rooms, Monsters, Bosses, Secrets, Achievements, Playable Characters and everything else in Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl's game, The Binding of Isaac.


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    Summary: explanation + tip about infinite item reroll added to Notes section
  • discussion page Your most hated boss
    created by A Wikia contributor 5 hours ago

    A Wikia contributor

    Gurdy Jr. is frustrating to face too

    A Wikia contributor

    The bloat i had a 1 up and a ankh but he killed me all three tries no mater what i did ;( and it was such a good run too 

  • edit The Necronomicon
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    Summary: "One bad mother trucker"? Really? This is not how you edit a wikia, and the trivia section is not for explaining the entire plot of another series
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